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Almost any design you can think of can be made into an award. We can make logos, mascots, photos, hand drawn cartoons, computer generated art, or nearly any artwork into a pin or patch design. We can even make matched sets of awards (pin, patch, ornament, plaque and certificate) We do use any legally copyrighted designs or words without a release. We can NOT use the words "Girl Scouts" on any awards.

Any of our thousands of stock designs can have the text changed easily, and most colors can be adjusted. Put any year you choose on them. If you don't see a suitable design to modify after browsing our stock designs, just send your idea to us at , including your full name (for file naming purposes), type of award your want (pin, patch, etc.), filename and stock number of the design you would like to modify, what text you want on the award, and about how many you plan to order. We will make you a custom design and email a sample back to you. Please search our stock designs FIRST, before asking for a custom design to see if there is a design that fits your needs or is close to what you are looking for.  Please allow up to 3 days for a response.  Our stock designs can also be adjusted and combined to fit your specific needs. You can also email your actual logo, mascot or other artwork to be used in the design (must be usable as is). Photos may be sent also. All photos and graphics sent must be print quality and copyright free. Requesting a custom change will only add a couple of days to your delivery time, for approval of the design. All our designs are custom made, even our stock designs. We do not keep any awards in stock.

Due to our low prices we cannot offer editing of customer submitted designs. Logos and specific graphics sent to us must to ready to use "as is". We do not redo logos or change colors on customer sent in artwork. Please send ALL pertinent information with your first request, to avoid repeated redesigns. Please be reasonable in your requests, based on the size of your planned order to keep our prices low for everyone and to allow us to continue to offer this service. You may order up to 3 custom pin/patch designs per order, any quantity, no extra charge. After 3 custom changes there is a $5 surcharge for each custom design beyond 3 if you order less than 10 pieces each (patches and pins only, does not apply to other items).

          Pin or Patch Order Examples:
          Order 8 of each of 3 custom designs = no extra charge
          Order 8 of each of 4 custom designs = $5 extra charge
          Order 8 of each of 6 custom designs = $15 extra charge
          Order 10 of each of 4 custom designs = no extra charge
          Order 8 of each of 3 custom designs and 10 of another = no charge
          Order 10 of each of 6 custom designs = no extra charge

Extra charge does not apply to year/date changes/additions. Any changes to text, colors, design, or adding your own artwork counts as a custom design, as well as complete custom made designs you request. This charge does not apply to customers that supply their own designs completely ready to go with NO editing or changes required. Surcharge does not apply to Plaques, Certificates, Ornaments, Medals or Name Tags.

You can supply your own custom design. Choose a simple, clear design, pick your background color or use a photo and add bold text in a contrasting color. Make sure your printed design looks good when printed in color at the actual size used in each award (1" round for pins, 2.5" round for patches, 2" round for ornaments or plaque medallions, 2.75" x .875" for name tags, 8.5 x 11 for certificate backgrounds or various sizes to be used in the design of a certificate) Your design and text should be the correct shape and curve for the award. Photos submitted for designs must be able to be cropped to the correct shape without cutting off heads or other important features of the photo. The background color in every case should bleed (or extend) at least 1/4" (at stated sizes) beyond the text , graphics and photo subjects (see example below). More bleed is better. Do NOT include the black thread border (or any other border) in your submitted design for patches. Be sure your design is very clear (it can be larger than the stated sizes - we will reduce it), with good color contrast and bold text (or let us add the text for best results), and send it to us in a .jpg format. Many other formats can be also be used, just check with us first.  Please do not submit graphics as .pdf files or Word (.doc) documents. It is generally recommended you let us add your text for proper shape, contrast, spacing and sizing. We cannot edit customer submitted designs except to add text.

NO obscene or objectionable designs!

+ Team Name
       & Year
+ Team Color   
      Green =
Example of Background bleed around design. Allow 1/4"  beyond all text and graphics. Do not include thread border on patch designs.


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