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  • Design/Text Changes -Word Swaps are free! You may change the text and date on any awards. Just add your changes to the shopping cart. Remember less is more when adding text to pins and patches. Keep words to a minimum and use appreviations when possible for the best looking designs. Use the year only for a date, it looks better and is helpful if an event is postponed. The more text, the smaller the font. We CANNOT use the trademarked words Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts (or any logos) without a release from GSUSA or BSA. Unless the change is only a date, you will be emailed a proof for approval before we start your order. Please watch for this email as your order will not begin processing until we have your approval. if you have not heard back in 2 business days, please contact us after checking your junk mail folder, as our email may be blocked. Custom design changes will not show in the shopping cart, please order by file name. *You may change up to 3 different pin/patch/badge designs in your order for no charge (no minimum order). After 3 design changes there is a $5 surcharge for each additional changed design unless you order at least 10 of each. This fee will not be automatically added to your order, you must manually insert the charge during checkout. The surcharge ONLY applies to pins and patches. REMEMBER the first 3 changes are always FREE! We cannot process orders with multiple changes on small quantities without payment of this surcharge. This charges does not apply to plaques, ornaments, magnet plates, stand plates, medals or name tags.

  • Request Before Ordering - If you would like to request a custom change for approval BEFORE ordering please read the above info and then fill out this form You may also request a new and different design (put NEW in the fileaname and stock number fields) after having searched our site and not found a suitable design. You MUST include all information in your initial request (design type, colors, text, date). Requesting changes BEFORE ordering will speed up your order when placed if you are on a tight schedule. We cannot process your request without a full name. We use this to name your custom file.
  • Please be reasonable in your requests based on the size of your planned order. We may limit requests for items not yet ordered/paid for. Maximum of 1 revision per design. Additional requests for revisions may incur a $5 fee. Please plan your designs and text before placing the order and if ordering for a group get a consensus in advance of ordering.

  • Ordering Custom Items - Once you receive your custom design file you may order by clicking on the "add a custom item to cart" button in the shopping cart. Please use ONLY the custom file name we sent you to order (it includes your last name and first initial). Do no duplicate your initial request on the order form. Your custom design graphic will not actually show in the cart. There is no stock number on custom designs.

  • Limitations -There are no limits or extra charges for text changes on Name Tags, Ornaments, Mini Plates, Medals, and Plaques. For Pins and Patches you may modify (design/text) up to 3 different patches/pins with no minimum order for no extra charge. (after 3, minimum order of 10 OR $ 5 surcharge applies). There is no limit on year changes.

  • Design your own - You may send us your own design to use for custom awards. Choose a simple, clear design, pick your background color and use a photo or clipart, adding bold text in a contrasting color. Make sure your printed design looks good when printed in color at the actual size used in each award (1" round for pins, pin-on medals, 2.5" round for patches, 2" round for neck medals, plaque medallions and porcelain ornaments, or 2.75" x .75" for name tags. Do not include borders on the edge. Your design and text should be the correct shape and curve for the award. The background should bleed (or extend) 1/4" beyond all text and graphics at the stated award sizes. Photos must be clear and print (not web) quality. Due to our low prices we DO NOT offer any editing of customer submitted designs or photos, other than adding text or cropping photos. We do not redo logos or change, or add colors for designs you submit. If you add your own text, be sure it is shaped perfectly to fit on a round design. Please submit your design in .jpg format. Do not send Word .doc files or .pdf files of images. We reserve the right to reject inappropriate designs. You can click on the "email sample graphic file" link during checkout to send a custom graphic or design with your order.

  • Photo Awards - If you would like to use your own photo for any awards please email it to Photos must be print (not web) quality for best results. Photos submitted for designs must be able to be cropped to the correct shape without cutting off heads or other important features of the photo. The background should bleed (or extend) at least 1/4" (at stated sizes) beyond photo subjects and text. We can add text to your photos.

    We CANNOT use any copyrighted or trademarked logos, photos, words or images. If you want to use one of these you will need to provide a written release from the owners of the logo, photo, words or images allowing US to make and sell these to you. We cannot use the words "Girl Scouts" or "Boy Scouts" on any awards. Please do not request them.